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Educated & Skilled Workforce Benefit

We cannot ignore the unprecedented and urgent need to educate and professionally develop the nation's next generation of leaders that seek to reinvest their education and training in public service to improve the quality of life in local communities.  It is absolutely essential to increase minority recruitment and retention in higher education to meet the workforce needs of government and private corporations.  Your support ensures that not only will these aspiring champions of goodwill be afforded a quality college education, but through our distinguished wrap-around service delivery, this benefit will be coupled with mentorship, career guidance & support, state-of-the-art leadership development training, and job placement services as they prepare to transition into the workforce.  Every dollar donated today, contributes toward another door being opened for tomorrow's shining stars!

Multicultural Consumer Base & Diveristy Commitment Alignment

Multicultural Consumer Base & Diversity Commitment Alignment

Given the community-oriented, but international appeal of this organization, your financial investment can be considered a multi-media hybrid to support other efforts in reaching the African-American, Latino/Hispanic-American, Indian/Native-American, and Asian-Pacific American consumer.  Supporting this organization  strategically parallels your company's diversity commitment, both internally for the benefit of a diverse public policy trained workforce, and externally for the benefit of multicultural communities served making you more competitive in the global marketplace.  Companies that recognize, directly advertise, and support the African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian-Pacific American, and Indian/Native-American communities, experience increased sales as a direct result.  Finally, it will be clear that your company encourages community-building, as well as standing at the forefront of supporting a distinguished leadership development movement that fosters dialogue within and among diverse groups of people, ultimately leading to the quality of life being improved in the areas served by your company.

Strategic Public-Private Partnership for Community Reinvestment

Strategic Public-Private Partnership for Community Reinvestment

Your support connects your company and brand with a distinctive charitable organization that accesses, and is strongly supported by some of the most respected and influential government municipalities, local and national educational leaders, elected officials, opinion-makers, critically-acclaimed celebrities, and many others.  As our programmatic initiatives strategically advance throughout the nation for the benefit of diverse communities, we offer a clear and strategic alignment with your company in a distinctive public-private partnership with local government jurisdictions supporting our efforts at hand.  This partnership also allows for the unique opportunity for the private and public sector to unite on a national level to financially support, and facilitate a continuum of leadership for the next generation of leaders that will shape public policy, both in the private and public sector.

News Flash“Proud Recipient of the 2007 ASPA Outstanding Organization Award”