Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc. is currently awarding a minimum of $60,000.00 in academic scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic school year to deserving students attending 4-year universities in Southern California. In an effort to offset the financial burden associated with funding a quality college education, Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc. awards academic scholarships to aspiring undergraduate and graduate college students pursuing careers in public service related fields. In addition to the academic scholarship, recipients of this highly coveted award benefit from, and are required to participate in, wrap-around service delivery rendered through the agency's Leadership Development Institute which integrates peer & professional mentoring, leadership development training, and an array of other supportive services in an effort to prepare scholars and non-scholars to transition successfully from the classroom into the workforce.

2015 Scholars
Regarded as one of the most competitive and prominent programs of its kind in the nation, the Best & Brightest Scholarship Program seeks to identify students that exemplify exceptional academic merit, very strong leadership potential, commitment to reinvest in their local communities, and financial need. Recognizing the distinguished service delivery approach in our program and the mutual benefit of a diverse student enrollment and retention pool, many universities partner with our organization to match our scholarships for the benefit of deserving students. This benefit not only maximizes financial aid contribution for the student, but is also a very clear return on investment for these educational institutions as our aspiring leaders return to invest their education acquired toward the advancement of their diverse communities as leaders in the nonprofit sector, public sector, and other public service fields.

Those students interested in pursuing this scholarship opportunity are encouraged to review the program eligibility section above, download 2018-2019 scholarship application, and submit the application and required supplemental materials by the deadline provided.

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