Best & the Brightest Scholars


The selection of our Best & the Brightest Scholars comes with significant prestige and distinction, as each one is among a limited number of scholars selected from a pool of over 200 applicants from throughout Southern California each academic school year. This achievement is only one of many distinguished accomplishments that we will witness in their academic and professional endeavors, as they complete their academic objectives in the collegiate classroom, and aspire to leadership in public service thereafter. In addition to receiving an academic scholarship to fund a quality collegiate education, each Best & the Brightest Scholar receives access to fully funded state-of the-art wrap-around service delivery to receive support, mentoring, leadership training, career guidance, and job placement service delivery.

These diverse group of young ambassadors return to reinvest in their diverse communities throughout the nation as government employees, politicians, corporate public affairs managers, nonprofit administrators, political aides, and more.

“Proud Recipient of the 2007 ASPA Outstanding Organization Award”