One cannot ignore the urgent need to educate the next generation of leaders that will contribute to the advancement of public service. We recognize that rising tuition costs and financial burdens often hamper one's ability to initially seek, secure, and retain a quality college education. Several of the students that come into contact with our services from various ethnic groups are first generation college students and their ability to succeed in college strongly depends on accessible and consistent financial support. In recognizing this reality, the team at Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc. places education at the forefront of our programmatic funding priorities through academic scholarship service delivery.

Leadership Development Training

Our team appreciates the reality that young leaders bring new ideas to the workforce, and that these efforts must be consistently supported and nurtured as they aspire to leadership. As the Nation's leading comprehensive provider of leadership development education and workforce training, we play a critical role in each and every student's cycle of leadership between the time that he or she matriculates into the collegiate setting and the time that he or she is set to transition effectively into the workforce upon graduation. We believe that an educated and professionally groomed workforce is a productive and efficient workforce!


One of the most significant ingredients to our service delivery is that all of our efforts aim to train young people to lead within, and amongst diverse communities given current demographic trends throughout the nation. As a result, we firmly believe that in order for young people to be effective in their leadership in today's workforce, they must be able to understand, and work with, various ethnic groups that make up the melting pot of our multicultural communities. As a result, our service delivery has a very significant focus of bringing students and young professionals together from these various groups and position them to be educated together, professionally groomed together, build relationships together, and to be set on a path to lead together, while mutually benefiting from the diversity that will forever bind them together! From its diverse leadership team, to its students serviced, Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc. knows that its about putting the different ingredients together in our efforts to ensure that workplace leadership roles in public service resembles the multicultural communities served, both from the private sector and public sector.

“Proud Recipient of the 2007 ASPA Outstanding Organization Award”